What is authenticWEBvideo.com?


authenticWEBvideo.com hosts examples of the videos produced by authenticWEB.  Our team creates documentary style videos for professionals across the country. These videos connect the stories of the businesses to the needs of their potential clients and patients.

Based in Orlando, award winning internet marketing agency authenticWEB combines Search Engine Optimization, video production and website design to increase new clients 20 to 1000%.

For more information about our web design, SEO, and video services, visit www.yourauthenticweb.com.


What are the steps to getting bail in Manhattan?

The first step to getting bail is typically talking to the potential client along with the bail bondsmen. If they’re going to pay the 10% route plus the premium and I determine that it’s something that should be acceptable at district attorney’s office I will try to contact the district attorney’s office and convince them not to go forward with the hearing. I know how to pitch the argument so they’re not going to proceed to the hearing because they know they’ll lose. If you are seeking a New York Criminal Defense attorney, Paul D. Petrus Jr. can help you with his extensive experience in a variety of criminal areas.