The online video production team at authenticWEB is proud to present a series of video blog posts they created for Manhattan criminal defense attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr.

In this video, Mr. Petrus explains the process of defending an assault case when the person is being charged at the felony level. When an individual is being charged with felony assault, it is critical that their defense attorney gets to work as soon as possible after the alleged crime took place. The first order of business should be to hire a private investigator to sort out what truly happened at the scene and to track down potential witnesses. This is important because once potential witnesses have been found and contacted by the state prosecutor, they oftentimes no longer want to speak to the defense side.

If you are facing felony assault charges, or any type criminal assault charges, it is crucial that you get in contact with a knowledgable and experienced defense attorney immediately.

The authenticWEB team collaborated with Mr. Petrus to produce this series of video blog posts and they are confident that the information provided by Mr. Petrus is accurate.

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