authenticWEB’s online video production team is pleased to present a new video blog series created for New York City federal criminal defense attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr.

In this video, Mr. Petrus describes what typically occurs at a first consultation between a criminal defense attorney and a new client.

Your first meeting with a criminal defense attorney can be a nerve-wracking ordeal, whether you are the one being accused of a crime or not.

Usually, the attorney will try to gather as much information about you as possible. Who are you? Where are you from? If you are here on behalf of a loved one, how are you related to the potential client?

After gather some background information, the attorney will then ask about the current situation that brought you in. Were you arrested? Are you out on bond? What are the charges?

The attorney will then most likely ask when your next court dates is and gather any additional information they may need to know about your case.

If you have been charged with a crime, criminal defense attorney Paul D. Petrus, Jr. can help. Visit his website and blog to view the rest of the videos in this series, as well as find answers to your legal questions.